Feb 24, 2022

Find out what is happening in the Zemax Community

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Our Zemax Community is a gathering place for all things optics. Within this community, you will be able to learn more about your Zemax products and chat with other industry professionals about the latest trends. Here is a sampling of what is available to community members.  

The February edition of the Zemax’s Community newsletter is available now!

This monthly newsletter provides updates on items you might find interesting or helpful from the last month! In each edition, we call out forum posts you may have missed, new Knowledgebase articles, and honor a Zemax user who has made a contribution to their peers! Check out what is included in this edition:

  • Webinar Q&A - Send in your questions!

  • Influence what’s coming in OpticStudio!

  • Featured Community Posts: Image Simulation

  • Knowledgebase Updates

  • Zemax-er Spotlight

Featured News Article: Influence what’s coming in OpticStudio!

Our OpticStudio product manager is looking for information on how you use stock optics and how OpticStudio could support your efforts. If you use stock optics at any point in your workflow, we want to hear about it.

Submit your thoughts directly to our team now!

Zemax Community News & Alerts

This is a dedicated forum for user news. We only post information that affects current users or information users might find useful.

Licensing and Installation Assistance

This forum is a space for you to find help with any of your licensing or activation questions. It is monitored by our regional licensing specialists.

People and Pointers

Use this space to show off your skills, introduce yourself, or to chat about the latest in the world of optics.

Ask an Engineer Events

Join us for our monthly “Ask an Engineer” event! This event is hosted on the community in text form with a focus on a spotlighted topic. The topic for the March “Ask an Engineer” event is the OpticStudio STAR Module. Join us on March 17th to get all your questions answered! Registration opens soon.

All of this is waiting for you in the Zemax Community. What are you waiting for? Join now!