Aug 31, 2021

Time is Running Out! Register for Zemax Envision 2021 Today!

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If you have not yet signed up for this year’s Zemax Envision conferences time is running out, please register today! Our agenda is packed with presentations from leaders in optics across diverse industries.

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Envision Americas 2021 – 14-15 September 2021

Envision Europe 2021 – 28-29 September 2021 GMT

Here are three spotlights of presentations you do not want to miss:

Optical glasses ready for future market requirements
Speaker: Dr. Uwe Petzold, Schott

Current market trends request special optical positions and more extreme features of optical glasses. SCHOTT is facing such upcoming requirements and offers new glass types and metrology upgrades to ensure the next generation of optical devices. Following trends are noticeable in the marketplace: Compact designs in mobile devices show tighter volume restrictions, which require high index glasses.\ High-resolution sensors paired with a large field of view enable e.g., a high throughput in machine vision devices especially when true colors are required. Special glasses like low dispersion types are necessary for superior spherical and color correction. Space or medical applications regularly have harsh environments. Solarization-resistant glasses have proven their reliability even after decades of operation. Pushed by the pandemic but also enabled by the cost decrease of available LEDs the need for optical materials being transparent in the spectral regime of UVC radiation increased. Applications like agricultural observation, food inspection, or machine vision expanding their spectral regime over the visible area to the short-wave infrared regime. New metrology enables the tightest tolerances of optical positions. Such tight tolerances are essential for applications like super-resolution microscopy. SCHOTT offers solutions to such application requirements that agree with legal restrictions like RoHS or Reach and are in line with the current standards of ISO 12123 and 10110

Product Update
Speakers: Dorothy Pults, Lisa Clauson, Esteban Carbajal, Zemax

Joining Envision for the first time, please welcome Zemax Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Dorothy Pults, as she shares the newest updates and offerings available in the suite of Zemax Products. Joining her will be Zemax Product Business Managers Esteban Carbajal, and Lisa Clauson for an informative session highlighting product line updates including our new OpticStudio STAR module.

Applications for high resolution, wide FOV cameras without distortion
Speaker: Zak Niazi, Circle Optics

Circle Optics has developed a new lens technique that allows for an ultra-wide field of view capture without distortion or post-processing. In this talk, we will discuss applications for the world’s highest resolution real-time spherical video cameras.

NEW! Envision Training Workshop Bundle
Current Zemax customers can take advantage of this special offer and get access to this three-course training bundle on the last day of the conference.

Aspheres & Freeforms Training Workshop Bundle
Optical components with shapes that are not bound by rotational symmetry and support higher-order curves and localized profiles offer unique design challenges. In this advanced course bundle, you will discover how to design using them. View the full training workshop bundle description here.
If you must miss the Envision Americas 2021 – 14-15 September 2021 PDT and Envision Europe 2021 – 28-29 September 2021 GMT there is an additional opportunity to attend sessions at our South East Asia Envision (in English) October 2021!