Aug 17, 2021

Don't miss Zemax Envision, THE event of 2021!

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Envision is THE event of 2021 for Zemax customers and prospects bringing together the community in a dynamic virtual experience.

Zemax Envision 2021 will continue to nurture the link between users and technical experts providing an environment where best practices for design challenges can be shared.

Diverse technical tracks driven by innovative user content will provide a unique opportunity for any English-speaking users, in any location, to attend these exciting events.

Current Zemax customers who register and attend these US and EMEA events can take advantage of an exclusive training package and get access to a three-course training bundle on the last day of the conference. You will have 30 days to complete all three training workshops. Click here for more information.

During our keynote session hear from Microsoft as they explore flat optics, which as diffractive optics or metasurfaces can provide considerable gains in space and weight when compared to traditional individual lenses or individual optical components and can provide new functionality unattainable with traditional optics. Microsoft will show how Optical Systems on Chip SoCs (Photonic Integrated Circuits) can be designed and fabricated by using multiple element patterning on a single font/back quartz wafer in a space folded architecture to reduce the size, weight, and costs, and allow lithographic alignment of the various optical elements within the final system.

In our Simulation Driving Innovation track, Lynx will explore how Mixed Reality is the ultimate digital frontier. Mixed Reality is a combination of AR and VR, to truly blur the borders of the reality-virtuality continuum. Lynx is working towards that path and is making the first product that can enable this medium in a mobile form factor. Lynx will discuss the great innovations made on the optical block of the system, as well as the integration in a more complex system.

During our Industry Insights for Optical Product Design track, Optimax covers Freeform optics. Whether you are new to designing freeforms or are looking to learn more about current capabilities, this presentation will cover all facets of manufacturing and testing and help bridge the gap between “on-paper” design and the finished freeform component. Jessica DeGroote Nelson will be discussing freeform definitions, tolerances and show examples of mild, wild, and extreme freeforms, while describing what is possible today in freeform manufacturing.

You can also hear from Zemax experts as CEO Subbiah provides a company update, Dorothy Pults, CPMO provides a product update, and Zemax CTO Sanjay Gangadhara provides a locknote exploring some of the latest developments in optics and how these trends are being influenced by the rapidly changing markets! Register now for this free event!

Envision Americas 2021: 14-15 September 2021 PDT - Register Now!
Envision Europe 2021: 28-29 September 2021 GMT - Register Now!

We look forward to seeing you online in September.

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