Dec 3, 2020

Continued education is important for optical engineers. Zemax OpticsAcademy can help.

Category: Training

Now is the perfect time to set the tone for 2021 by increasing your knowledge and sharpening your skills. At Zemax we offer numerous online courses on a multitude of subjects, including tolerancing, our software, optimization, laser & fiber, 3D Systems, and more through our OpticsAcademy.

Find a course that fits your project needs and goals

A quick look through the courses available at Zemax OpticsAcademy demonstrates the breadth of offerings for any experience level over a wide selection of topics and tools. Each course description includes a curriculum so that you know exactly what to expect and can select the session that will meet your needs.

We’re excited to announce our latest addition, the Laser & Fiber learning plan, a two-course series that reviews different methods to simulate lasers and fibers using the sequential mode of OpticStudio.

"These courses were exactly what I have been looking for the last 2 years! I really just wanted to understand Zemax and what all of the tools do as well as how it all relates to tolerancing. These courses helped me to do all of that and more!"
 -- Kenny Reins from LeCroix

Looking for CPD activities? Many of our courses are CPD accredited, giving you the education and support needed to grow professionally.

What makes Zemax OpticsAcademy stand out

In a time where travel and in-person sessions are not available, high-quality online training is the best route for continued learning. Through our online Zemax OpticsAcademy, you get access to the same great content as our classroom training, but now at your own pace. Our content is available 24/7 to allow for you to access courses at a time that works best for you. We have a Q&A forum for each course, giving you access to the instructor, as well as training notes and in-course quizzes to test your progress. Once finished, you will receive a digital certificate of completion that is shareable on LinkedIn.

“I purchased Zemax about 3 years ago to help with customer needs for optical systems. But I didn't really know how to use it other than to load multiple files from vendors. This course has bridged the gaps in my knowledge between having the needs to design custom optical systems, and having the tools, but not the knowledge of how to use the tools. In so many ways, I am simply excited to start working for my clients and my own internal projects!”
 -- Austin Blanco from Advanced Research Consulting Corp

Don’t wait until the new year, start your training today

At Zemax, we listen to our customers to ensure they are getting what they need from our products, services and courses. Zemax OpticsAcademy has allowed us to help continuously educate our clients on the latest industry developments, processes and procedures. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a jump start on your 2021 plans and enroll in an OpticsAcademy course today