September 25, 2018

OpticStudio Focus Feature: Express View

Quickly navigate large files with this new feature in OpticStudio

OpticStudio Focus Feature: Express View

Now you can find the surfaces, objects, and operands you need much more quickly with a new feature in the latest version of OpticStudio: Express View for the editors. The new tool greatly improves speed and responsiveness when scrolling editors with many rows. This is significantly faster compared to the normal view—scroll through hundreds of objects and surfaces with no lag for buffering row data.

This view is available for all main editors, including the Lens Data Editor and the Non-Sequential Component Editor. While Normal View enables all the editor features, Express View enables only the essential features to maximize speed. The Express View is therefore recommended for navigating files with large numbers of surfaces, objects, or operands, as these systems will demonstrate the most noticeable increase in speed.

Watch the video to see how it works:

Express View is available in all editions of OpticStudio.

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