September 07, 2018

Get a sneak peek of the ENVISION USA 2018 sessions

Five Zemax talks you don’t want to miss

Get a sneak peek of the ENVISION USA 2018 sessions

We’re excited to reveal a sneak peek of the speaker sessions for ENVISION USA 2018, the Zemax conference happening November 5-7 in Las Vegas. Customers will present about designing cutting-edge technologies including heads-up displays, biotech devices, low-cost imaging applications, and much more. You can view the full speaker schedule here. Zemax experts will present on a wide range of topics including the following five talks you don’t want to miss:

Addressing and simplifying STOP
Speaker: Sanjay Gangadhara, Director, R&D

Analyzing the Structural Thermal Optical Performance (STOP) of an optical product can be challenging. In this session we'll review common roadblocks, share thoughts on how to simplify the STOP process, and discuss the tools Zemax is currently developing to make STOP analysis easier and more accurate in the future.

The technical training, tools, and team supporting you
Speaker: Alissa Wilczynski, Global Engineering Services Manager

Get an introduction to all of the resources in the Zemax customer support organization available to help users of OpticStudio and LensMechanix. Learn how Zemax Support is growing to incorporate more customer feedback, better respond to customer needs, and work to build long-lasting relationships.

Collaborating on the OpticStudio roadmap
Speaker: Matthew Sutton, Principal Product Manager

Put on your thinking cap on and get ready to collaborate on the future of OpticStudio. In this interactive session, attendees will be asked to contribute ideas to the OpticStudio product roadmap through fun collaboration and group brainstorming activities.

How mechanical engineers are using LensMechanix
Speaker: Isis Peguero, LensMechanix Product Manager

In this session, you'll learn about the five ways that mechanical engineers packaging optical systems in CAD are using LensMechanix. Find out how this enhanced process leads to faster time to market and lower costs. You will also get the opportunity to learn where the LensMechanix team plans to expand capabilities in the future and what that means for you.

What’s ahead for OpticStudio
Speaker: Dr. Thomas Pickering, OpticStudio Product Manager

Learn about new, recently added features and updates in OpticStudio to take your optical design to the next level and improve your design workflow. Plus, get a sneak peek into features that are coming up soon!

Don’t miss your chance to attend this exciting event in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 5-7, 2018. You’ll network with peers and get inspired as speakers from cutting-edge industries share best practices and innovative solutions. You’ll enjoy two days of customer, partner, and Zemax-led sessions and—new this year—a day of technical workshops. In addition, we invite you to join us for a hosted dinner reception.

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