October 30, 2018

OpticStudio Feature Focus: Zemax File Collector

Troubleshoot issues easier with new tool in OpticStudio

OpticStudio Feature Focus: Zemax File Collector

Report crashes or other errors easily using the new Zemax File Collector tool, available in the latest edition of OpticStudio. The diagnostics package created with the tool enables us at Zemax to better diagnose and fix any issues you may encounter. The tool automatically gathers data and diagnostics files related to your system environment, other installed software, or currently running processes. You can also provide your own details and supplementary data related to the crash or error. You can then view all gathered data.

Potentially sensitive files which may contain specific data about your design are listed separately and can be deselected if preferred. After that, you easily send the data to Zemax using the Email Technical Support button.

See how it works in the video below:

The Zemax File Collector tool is available in all editions of OpticStudio.

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