October 06, 2017

Introducing OpticStudio 17

The latest release of our flagship product

Introducing OpticStudio 17

OpticStudio 17 is here! The essential software platform for optical engineers includes unprecedented new capabilities:

  • Optimize for MTF at least 10 times faster using Contrast Optimization, an innovative new feature that uses the Moore-Elliott method

  • Simulate and design complex freeform systems with more than 200 field points

  • Simulate a wide variety of phosphors and fluorophores with a photoluminescence model that is more accurate than any other ray tracing software

  • Build custom applications with the new API documentation, which includes 100 new examples and code snippets for MATLAB, C#, C++, and Python


New Contrast Optimization feature

Standard, Professional, and Premium include analysis, optimization, and tolerancing enhancements, such as:

  • Generate systematic distributions of field points with the new Fields Wizard

  • Easily navigate, manage, and sort large numbers of sequential field points using the new Field Data Editor

  • Create a better design faster using the Spot X+Y criterion in the Merit Function Wizard. The improved algorithm makes this the fastest way to optimize for small spot sizes

  • Analyze MTF, wavefront error, and aberrations at any orientation using Tangential Angle (TAN) calculations

As with all OpticStudio editions, OpticStudio 17 includes a comprehensive set of support modules, including stock lens and materials catalogs, help files, and links to Knowledgebase articles. Read the release notes to learn more or get a free trial today.

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