November 07, 2018

Zemax featured in Optik&Photonik article: Photonic Design, Verification, and Implementation

Zemax featured in Optik&Photonik article: Photonic Design, Verification, and Implementation

We’re happy to have been featured in this quarter’s issue of Optik&Photonik, where the European Photonics Industry Consortium (@EPICassoc) looks at the European scene focusing on the demand from different sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, and industry for new optical systems that provide higher performance and lower footprint.

From the free article, which can be accessed here:

“A key aspect of the development of an optical system is the design and verification before its production to reduce failure and, as consequence, the time-to-market. There are commercial software solutions able to simulate and to analyze the packaging of optical systems, photonic integrated circuits (PICs) based devices, transmission systems & networks, and fiber-optic lasers & amplifiers…

Zemax Virtual Prototyping combines OpticStudio and LensMechanix to package optical systems in CAD software. The advantage of this system is that when mechanical engineers work with optical engineers, they can collaborate on the same file without any loss of design information. After loading the optical components into Solidworks or Creo, they can design the mechanical components, and then use ray trace data to analyze the complete optomechanical design using the optical performance summary (OPS) to detect issues. The OPS compares the performance of the complete optomechanical system to the performance of the original OpticStudio design to assess the entire system on a pass / fail basis and correct any issues.”

Access the free article here

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