November 21, 2018

Quickly apply realistic tolerances and create high-confidence optical designs

Latest OpticStudio release provides improvements to your optical design workflow

Quickly apply realistic tolerances and create high-confidence optical designs

OpticStudio provides a flexible, intuitive, and powerful modeling environment to quickly develop and capture optical design ideas. OpticStudio 18.9, out today, brings usability improvements including the following features and enhancements:

  • Tolerance in percentage of nominal radius – In addition to fringes and lens units, you can now easily define the tolerance on a surface radius as a percentage. A radius percentage may be applied during the tolerance analysis to provide accuracy to your measurement when using a distance measuring interferometer.

  • Replace Solves with multi-configuration operands – This improvement to the Design Lockdown tool prepares a sequential optical system with Solves across multiple configurations for optomechanical analysis and production. This allows for a complete lockdown when using the Design Lockdown tool, without requiring engineers to manually add any additional configurations to maintain the fidelity of the design.

  • Convert Fresnel, Binary 2, and Diffraction Grating surfaces to non-sequential objects – Users can now convert optical systems using Diffraction Grating, Binary 2, and Fresnel surfaces automatically to a non-sequential system for further optomechanical design or stray light analysis. Other improvements that streamline workflows:

  • Improved Full-Field Aberration analysis – The results of the calculations of the Full-Field Aberration analysis are now cached in the ZDA session files. This means that optical engineers can now change the settings of the displayed aberration without having to recalculate the results.

  • Run a material analysis with the ZOS-API –The ZOS-API can now call the Grin Profile material analysis. This allows for visualization of the index of refraction along any axis through the ZOS-API.

For a complete list of features and enhancements in the latest release, check out the OpticStudio 18.9 Release Notes.

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