November 29, 2018

ENVISION USA a success; on to Paris!

ENVISION USA a success; on to Paris!

We were thrilled with this year’s ENVISION USA, the Zemax conference, which took place November 5-7 in Las Vegas and consisted of two days of customer, partner, and Zemax sessions—plus a added day of technical workshops.

“In the world, there are very few people who do what we do as optical and optomechanical engineers,” said Dan Hamann, Chief Revenue Officer and ENVISION USA emcee. “We want to make the Zemax ENVISION events the place for those in the growing optics industry to come together, share ideas, and engineer the future of optics. We can't wait for the next ENVISION in Paris.”


There were 28 sessions total at ENVISION USA, and we received fantastic feedback from attendees about the content and conference format. Here are a few quotes from attendees:

“Technical (sessions) were SPOT ON! Excellent description of how to NOT reverse engineer and properly use patents to gain starting point for engineered modifications of lens system.”

“Great content and practical tips that we can use.”

“I can use this info right away for a client project!”

“Excellent! Very informative! Great example to show Zemax Virtual Prototyping.”

“Fantastic content. Love learning the full workflow steps, plus great to hear about the LensMechanix application.”

“Cool talk, always nice to learn new applications especially about NASA Mars Missions!”

“Elegant in its simplicity! I will use the info presented for a customer wanting improved optics for a CO2 laser cutting tool.”

Next stop: Paris

The ENVISION Zemax Conference is coming to Paris 26-28 March 2019 at Les Saleons de L’Aveyron. Hear from leaders in optics, get the first look at our product roadmap, and network with peers at this exciting event. Early bird pricing expires 31 January 2019, so register today! You can take advantage of our buy one registration get one free by registering two people from the same company at the same time!

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