November 16, 2017

Try the new Contrast Loss Map in OpticStudio

Try the new Contrast Loss Map in OpticStudio

The latest version of OpticStudio is now available on-premise and online. OpticStudio includes a new analysis feature, called Contrast Loss Map, for visualizing contrast loss across the pupil.

Contrast Loss Map (available in the Professional and Premium editions) plots the same contrast loss values that are calculated during Contrast Optimization. The Contrast merit function has a minimum in the same location as the MTF merit function. It also optimizes faster and more smoothly compared to direct MTF optimization.

The contrast loss distribution in Contrast Loss Map indicates regions of the pupil that contribute to poor MTF. For each sample point in the pupil, a circle and clock hand indicate the amount of the contrast loss and wavefront error, respectively. For more information, see Contrast Loss Map in the OpticStudio Help Files under the Analyze tab > Image Quality Group > Wavefront.

Check out some of the other new features. These are in all editions of OpticStudio:

  • View analysis windows with new false color palettes

  • Run ZPL macros from the command line

  • Visualize your field distribution using the new Field Plot in the Field Data Editor

  • Apply the new MacLeod coatings for anti-reflection, cold mirrors, beamsplitters, protected and enhanced reflectivity, and near-infrared

  • Use the new sample files that are from the new book, Perspectives on Modern Optics and Imaging, by Ronian Siew

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