November 02, 2017

Enhanced API support in OpticStudio

Quickly learn how to use OpticStudio’s API with comprehensive documentation and new examples for MATLAB, C#, C++, and Python

Enhanced API support in OpticStudio

OpticStudio delivers a host of unprecedented features for optical engineers. One feature we’re especially excited about is enhanced API support. With the ZOS-API, you can customize OpticStudio to suit your needs. For example:

  • Add custom analyses and operands in OpticStudio

  • Automate calculations and processes, such as real-time production monitoring

  • Reformat post-processing data for manufacturing needs

“Programming with the API is a powerful tool that helps you get the most out of OpticStudio,” says product engineer Thomas Pickering. “We’ve improved the support functionality so that new and experienced users can take full advantage of the API.”

Customer-driven innovation

Like previous releases of OpticStudio, the improvements in OpticStudio were driven by customer feedback. API users requested more code samples in more programming languages, more refined search results, consolidated help content, and diagrams of the API architecture. “The new API support addresses all of these concerns,” said Pickering.

API support documentation

The new support documentation and introductory tutorials are now consolidated in one API help file in OpticStudio. Code snippets for the most commonly used functions, tools, and analyses are included in the cross-linked help. We also improved search capabilities and inheritance trees for MATLAB, C#, C++, and Python, and added 100 new examples and code snippets for these languages.

API support documentation

Free trial

Interested in trying OpticStudio? The two-week trial of OpticStudio Online includes all the features in the Premium Edition, plus Python and a personal cloud storage drive.

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