May 15, 2020

Zemax Celebrates the International Day of Light 2020 - We help the world see light!

Zemax Celebrates the International Day of Light 2020 - We help the world see light!

Light plays a major role in science, culture, and our society. The International Day of Light (IDL) held on May 16th is an annual, global initiative that provides a focal point for the continued appreciation of light. IDL aims to raise awareness of the critical role light-based technologies play in our lives, elevating science, technology, art, and culture to help achieve the goals of UNESCO – education, equality, and peace. It is also a day to recognize the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman.

Zemax Role in Light-based Technologies

Since the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990, Zemax began delivering optical software and services to help engineers, scientists, researchers, and students bring their ideas into reality. Since then, we have remained true to the vision of our founder Dr Ken Moore: to offer a rock-solid physics architecture, to uphold a culture of excellence and innovation, and to always listen to our customers, supporting the science, culture and society.

With light at the core of Zemax, our software helps companies get to a qualified design more quickly by streamlining the workflow and communication between optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers. Zemax is proud to be part of the science community focusing on light and light-based technologies.
We asked some of our talented Zemax Team members what does light mean to them and how has it impacted their careers?

“Even though I've been an optical engineer for nearly two decades now, I'm still sometimes stunned by the range of things we can do with light:  probe the furthest reaches of the universe and the smallest subatomic particles, rigorously test relativity, hear a voice from the other side of the planet, find a cracked egg on a conveyer belt, capture a moment in time in a photograph and record a video in a pocket-sized device!”  
Erin Elliott, PHD, Optical Research & Prototyping Engineer

“Light is fundamental to our existence in so many ways. It gives us life, it provides us with access to practically unlimited knowledge and experiences, and it opens our eyes to the magic of the universe. On a personal level, light changed the course of my life and enabled me to find a wonderful career.”
Chris Normanshire, Industry Customer Success Manager

“When I think about light, I see it enables many industrial advances and essential needs of people. However, light also posts limitations to many of the technology revolutions, for example, lithography for chip manufacturing, controlled nuclear fusion for clean energy, and quantum computation for next generation computing speed. As a professional in optics, studying light and trying to overcome those limitations becomes a lifelong pursuit.”
Heng Li, Engineering Services Manager, APAC/China

Celebrate Light Throughout May

Join Zemax in appreciation of the role light plays in our lives and participate in the following activities online from home. Throughout the month of May, keep the celebration going! Play BINGO, download virtual backgrounds, and enter the Photo Contest from SPIE to win great prizes.

Photo Credit: #IDL 2020

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