July 27, 2018

How to craft a standout speaking submission for ENVISION

How to craft a standout speaking submission for ENVISION

We’re thrilled to be planning for ENVISION U.S. 2018, our second annual conference, happening November 5-7 in Las Vegas—and the call for speakers is open now. ENVISION brings together trailblazing engineers and management working on projects that are driving optical products forward across industries from augmented and virtual reality to autonomous vehicles to biomedical to many more. Our customers are using OpticStudio and LensMechanix to develop more complex and fascinating optical products than ever before. We’re creating a dynamic speaker program with representatives across a wide range of spaces and places. Here are several tips on how to make your speaker submission stand out:

Think like a storyteller

We love hearing how Zemax software has helped your organization succeed, from beginning to middle to end. Tell us how things were before you adopted OpticStudio and/or LensMechanix, and how the software helped your team get over the finish line and get your project funded or shipped.

Include details

We’re engineers; we live for details. Tell us how many days our software shaved off your project timeline; what percent of your budget was saved by incorporating our software; or how OpticStudio and/or LensMechanix changed the way your team works.

Show us your stuff

If you’ve spoken at a conference before, let us know that in your submission. And if there are links to recordings online, even better! Or, share a deck that you’ve already created on a similar topic to show what type of presentation you might be doing.

Join forces

Not interested in presenting as a solo speaker? Suggest a panel topic instead. Moderated panels can give the audience a diverse look at a single industry or concept, offering multiple points of view.

Apply early

The deadline for speaker applications is August 6, but don’t wait for the last minute to apply. We’re working hard to create a truly remarkable experience for attendees with a diverse mix of speakers from many industries—don’t be left out of lively discussion about your industry by applying late in the game.

We’re incredibly excited for this year’s ENVISION conference, and hope you’ll come share the story of how your company is unique—and uniquely poised to drive your industry forward with the help of OpticStudio and/or LensMechanix.

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