July 17, 2018

Employee spotlight: 17 questions with Brad Bossio

Employee spotlight: 17 questions with Brad Bossio

This month, meet Brad Bossio, Americas Sales Director, who's not only his clients’ advocate but also an avid Risk player who once met Bill Gates.

  1. Briefly describe what you do all day.
    I lead a team of account managers that helps customers realize the value of our software. Prior this role, I served as a customer advocate, facilitating conversations between our customers and the best internal resource and working through software renewals, new feature requests, and customer pain points.

  2. What’s the best thing about your job?
    I get to talk to customers about the cool things they are building, from the latest optical systems going into space to self-driving cars and mixed/augmented reality devices.

  3. What’s the best thing about Zemax?
    Zemax is customer focused. It is a small company that can quickly mobilize efforts to make improvements to better serve customer needs.

  4. What does your workspace look like?
    We work in an open space environment where we collaborate with other account managers…so there’s always friendly competition.

  5. Who is one of your role models and why?
    A previous manager, while I was working at Microsoft. He helped me understand how to assume good intent when working with others as well as first seeking to understand then being understood. He had a heart for serving others through his personal life and as a manager.

  6. What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Zemax?
    I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate face-to-face customer meetings with our CEO and OpticStudio and LensMechanix product managers. Receiving feedback from our customers and the Zemax team has been incredibly valuable in terms of both customer satisfaction and the Zemax product experience.

  7. What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?
    I enjoy spending time with my wife and family. We enjoy food and good wine and Washington has some of the best! I also enjoy playing recreational poker and fly fishing.

  8. What inspires you?
    My daughters: I have learned much from them

  9. Fill in the blank: I once met…
    Bill Gates

  10. Fill in the blank: I’d most like to have dinner with…
    Jesus Christ

  11. If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?
    The ability to grant wishes

  12. What is the song title that best describes your personality?
    Honesty by Billy Joel

  13. How would you most like to time travel?
    A secret passage way, like a closet door in the Chronicles of Narnia

  14. Greatest game in history?
    Risk…there’s nothing like conquering the world!

  15. Favorite app?
    Waze helps me find the best route for my commute.

  16. Favorite cause?
    Supporting the efforts of local migrant workers who work harder than I ever will

  17. What piece of advice would you offer others in your profession?
    Assume good intent and seek to understand before being understood.

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