February 05, 2018

Employee spotlight: 14 questions with Heng Li

Employee spotlight: 14 questions with Heng Li

This month, meet Heng Li, Engineering Services Manager for the Asia-Pacific/China region.

  1. Briefly describe what you do all day.
    My job has three parts. As an engineer, I answer customers’ questions and am involved in the product development of OpticStudio. As a regional manager, I make sure the APAC team has proper work to do—and is able to do the work happily. In addition, as a member of the China office, I also contribute to business development in greater China.

  2. What’s the best thing about your job?
    The best thing about my job is that I can feel the work I’ve done really matters. Customers are very happy about our software and services and they can make their products hit the market sooner.

  3. What’s the best thing about Zemax?
    People at Zemax are all very smart, driven, and extremely supportive.

  4. What does your workspace look like?
    Well, my desk is far from neat. There’s always my PC, several optics books, my notebook, scratch papers, and a cup of coffee on hand.

  5. What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Zemax?
    When I won the Kenny Zeemie Award, which was named after Ken Moore—the founder of Zemax.

  6. What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?
    Play badminton.

  7. Fill in the blank: I’d most like to have dinner with…
    My wife, just like every day.

  8. If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?
    Moving at light speed, which effectively freezes anything else.

  9. What is the song title that best describes your personality?
    Heal the World.

  10. How would you most like to time travel, by DeLorean, portal, hot tub, TARDIS, or other?

  11. Greatest game in history?
    Minesweeper—beat me if you can.

  12. Favorite app?

  13. Favorite cause?
    I served as a teacher for mentally challenged people. That’s where I met my wife.

  14. What are five words of advice for others in your profession?
    知之为知之。It means being honest about what you know.


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