December 13, 2018

LensMechanix Feature Focus: Surface Power

LensMechanix Feature Focus: Surface Power

With the latest release of LensMechanix for Creo, optomechanical engineers can now easily identify the power incident on any mechanical or optical component to validate system performance. This feature is also available in LensMechanix for SOLIDWORKS. Users can view the flux and irradiance on any specific component at different resolutions. Viewing the power loss can help determine which faces of the mechanical component are causing power loss in a system so that engineers can make changes to the geometry or apply more absorbent scatter profiles. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required to find these issues in physical prototypes. The result is fewer errors, lower prototyping costs, and a faster development time.

Correcting power loss due to mechanical surfaces is essential for all imaging systems. Any power that does not get to the image plane can impact the quality of images taken by cameras by causing vignetting, or dark edges on images.

How it works

To add a surface power analysis, click Add Inputs > Surface Power Input before you run a ray trace. See how it works in the following video:

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