December 16, 2017

12 tips from Optimax to improve lens design for manufacturing

12 tips from Optimax to improve lens design for manufacturing

Watch our webinar to learn 12 ways to speed up the turnaround time and lower the cost of your lenses, including strategies for:

  • Improving communication between lens designers and manufacturing shops

  • Standardizing design processes

  • Minimizing confusion about non-standard parts

  • Reducing lens design errors

About the instructors: 
Jennifer Michels is an optical engineer at Optimax, a world class manufacturer of precision optics. Prior to her career in fabrication and testing, Ms. Michels worked in optical design and analysis for 20 years.

Dr. Thomas Pickering is an associate product manager on the OpticStudio team at Zemax. He received a PhD in Accelerator Physics from Royal Holloway, University of London. As a researcher with CERN, DESY, and Cornell University, Dr. Pickering focused on the development of particle beam profile monitors using laser wire systems, optical diffraction radiation, and optical transition radiation.

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