Lighting and illumination

Producing uniform, or smoothly varying, illumination patterns from real light sources is critical in optical systems design. This type of lighting and illumination design is complex, since illumination sources tend to be non-uniform. OpticStudio® includes features that use advanced physics calculations for accurate results, simulation, and modeling. The unique combination of lighting, illumination, and optics features can only be found in OpticStudio.

Examples of lighting and illumination applications:


Headlights, taillights, turn indicators, interior area lighting, dashboard illumination


Plane exterior lighting, runway lighting

Consumer electronics

Indicator lighting, camera flash


LCD panel illumination, projector illumination

General lighting

Residential area lighting, street lighting, LED collimators

Life sciences

Sample illumination, fluorescence imaging


Solar concentrators, solar power towers

Vision systems

Inspection illumination

Fascinating facts about lighting and illumination

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