Lasers and fibers

In laser and fiber optics designs, the sources are coherent laser beams or the receivers are optical fibers. In some designs, both are the case. OpticStudio® includes powerful tools specifically built for designing, analyzing, and optimizing laser and fiber optics design. Laser and fiber technologies span a vast range of applications, from common household products to laser guidance systems, fluorescence imaging, fiber optic sensors, and laser materials processing.

Electro Scientific Industries’ 9850TPIR+ memory link repair tool

Examples of laser and fiber applications:


Laser guidance systems, laser range finders



Consumer electronics

Laser printers


Laser projectors

Life sciences

Sample illumination, fluorescence imaging, fiber optic sensors, laser eye surgery, laser hair removal, other cosmetic surgeries


Optical interconnects (fiber couplers)


Laser materials processing

Fascinating facts about lasers and fibers

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