Imaging optics

OpticStudio® and OpticsBuilder™ are the tools of choice for scientists and engineers designing imaging optics, such as telescopes, cameras, and sensors for the Mars rover, and two-photon microscopes for neurological imaging. OpticStudio is the leading software used by optical engineers throughout the design phase. OpticsBuilder helps simulate the impact of mechanical designs on optical performance using complete OpticStudio lens design data. Together, these products enable engineering teams to get optical products to market in record time.

Global Surgical’s A-Series dental microscope

Examples of imaging optics:


Target-tracking cameras


Telescopes, satellite cameras, spectrometers


Driver-assist cameras (lane-keep, blind-spot, backup, dynamic cruise-control), heads-up displays (HUD)

Consumer electronics

Cell phone/computer cameras, video cameras, virtual and augmented reality cameras, biometric sensors, video game sensors


Projectors, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), heads-up displays (HUD)

Life sciences

Microscopes, endoscopes, scanning systems (CT, MRI), spectrometers, biosensors


Photolithographic systems

Vision systems

Automated inspection cameras, thermal imagers, facial recognition, parking enforcement cameras

Fascinating facts about imaging optics

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