Zemax Virtual Prototyping

Go from concept to sales in record time.

Streamline the workflow between optical and mechanical engineers.

Leverage powerful virtual prototyping tools

 Zemax Virtual Prototyping links the preferred software design tools used by optical engineers with the preferred tools used by mechanical engineers, giving teams a parallel design environment to maintain design fidelity throughout the workflow.


Optical and mechanical engineers are able to work on the same design in their preferred environments, seeing the impact of each other’s work directly.


By collaborating on a shared virtual prototype, optical and mechanical engineers can quickly identify and correct design errors early, resulting in faster time to market.


By flagging potential problems early in the product design process, instead of triaging failures in a physical prototype—or worse, on the manufacturing line—Zemax Virtual Prototyping saves money.

Zemax Virtual Prototyping is the only collaborative design system for
today’s fast-charging engineering teams.

With its comprehensive suite of optical, laser, and illumination design features, OpticStudio provides unparalleled value for optical engineers and researchers.

LensMechanix loads OpticStudio files directly into SOLIDWORKS, preserving all optical information so that mechanical engineers have all the design information they need to do their job.

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