OpticStudio Network Licenses

OpticStudio Network Licenses are delivered via software licensing, eliminating the need for a USB key. The network license improves mobility and provides convenient management via an administrative interface. Running OpticStudio on virtual machines or cloud-based systems is much easier and your software assets are more secure.

  • Convenient Check-In/Check-Out Access - user intitiated check-out/check-in via the License Manager tool in the OpticStudio Help ribbon enables remote key-less operation.
  • Concurrent User Based Limits - install OpticStudio on as many computers as you would like because your network license is monitored based on concurrent usage, not the number of installations.
  • Easier Software Management - update all of your users with the latest OpticStudion functions and features quickly and easily via online downloads. Annual Zemax Maintenance & Support service renewals are easily managed with a common renewal date for all users under the network license.
  • Flexible “Seat” Options - OpticStudio Network Licenses are available with two or more activated licenses or “seats”. The number of seats purchased determines the quantity limit of concurrent software usage. Additional seats can be added at any time.
  • Network Keys and Trade-Ins:
    Customer seeking to trade-in single user or multi-user network hard key for a network software license….
    When a customer purchases a network key, they can trade-in their existing licenses for a multi-user Network license.   The trade-in keys must be current on support - if not, the key must be brought back on support before the trade in can be completed.  The number of keys that can be traded in must not exceed the number of seats of the network key being purchased (i.e. no more than 5 keys may be traded towards a 5-user network key) and each trade-in key must be an equal or lower version than the network key being purchased (i.e.  only Professional or Standard keys may be traded-in towards a Professional network key). Multi-user Network licenses are offered with seat count of 2+, there are no single seat Network licenses.