Legacy Version Support and Update Policy

If you have any questions regarding the Legacy Version Support and Update Policy, please email us.

Zemax Software and Service Pack Releases

Zemax software evolves over time with each new release replacing the previous version. Zemax software releases are separated into two (2) distinct categories:
  1. Software Release – these releases are considered full-version releases and contain new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
  2. Service Packs – these releases are considered as supplemental and contain only bug fixes
Software and service pack releases occur throughout the year with announcements made online at Zemax.com.

Zemax  Software Release Policy

As new versions of the software are released, older ones are phased out. Zemax provides online links to older versions and technical support for those versions for a limited time. While the following policies don’t represent a historical change, our goal is to clearly define end of life support to assist customers in planning for the future. The following policies govern technical support for and availability of Zemax software releases.
  • Technical Support for Software Releases: We will make every reasonable attempt to resolve installation issues with older software versions, but updating to the latest release may be required. Support will be provided on installation issues provided the license has a current support agreement.
  • Availability of Software Releases: we provide access to previous releases of our software that are up to two (2) years old with respect to the current version. After two (2) years it will be removed from the website and will no longer be provided.
  • Availability of Service Pack Releases: all software bug fixes will be added to the next planned Service Pack release and will be made available for download from our website. Zemax will not provide additional Service Pack releases once an updated version of the software is released.  

Availability of Zemax 13 Service Packs: to assist customers in transitioning from Zemax to OpticStudio, Zemax 13 R2 Service Packs will be updated through June 2015, approximately one year after the release of OpticStudio. The final service pack will remain available for download for two years, per the policy on availability of software releases above.


Release name Date License file* Prerequisites package
OpticStudio_16.5 Service Pack 1 14 December 2016 lc_161214.dat  (0.2 MB) 16.5 SP1 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 16.5 19 October 2016 lc_161019.dat (0.2 MB) 16.5 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 16 Service Pack 2 20 July 2016 lc_160720.dat (0.2 MB) 16 SP2 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 16 Service Pack 1 6 June 2016 lc_160608.dat (0.2 MB) 16 SP1 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 16 26 April 2016 lc_160426.dat (0.2 MB) 16 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15.5 Service Pack 3 15 March 2016 lc_160315.dat (0.2 MB) 15.5 SP3 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15.5 Service Pack 2 8 February 2016 lc_160208.dat (0.2 MB) 15.5 SP2 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15.5 Service Pack 1 17 December 2015 lc_151217.dat (0.2 MB) 15.5 SP1 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15.5 19 October 2015 lc_151019.dat (0.2 MB) 15.5 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15 Service Pack 1 30 July 2015 lc_150730.dat (0.2 MB) 15 SP1 Prerequisites
OpticStudio 15 14 May 2015 lc_150514.dat (0.2 MB) 15 Prerequisites

*Typical installation procedures automate the license code process however some circumstances like installing OpticStudio on a computer without internet access may require downloading and manually placing a license file.

Resource Files

License manager:

The Zemax License Manager: Zemax License Manager

Black hard key driver:

Black hard key driver cleanup utility:

  1. Removes all Safenet key drivers
  2. Take key out of USB port
  3. Run the correct utility for your version of windows
  4. Reboot

For soft keys:

Zemax 13 Release 2 Service Pack 6, 24 June, 2015

Typical Installation

The instructions below are for installing a 64bit of this release for use with single use. 
  1. Remove the license key from the USB port. 
  2. Download and run the installer for the Sentinel Key Driver. Sentinel Key Driver 7.5.8.exe 
  3. Download and install the prerequisites package: Pre-Requisites package for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems (0.3 MB)
  4. Download and install Zemax 13 Release 2 Service Pack 6, 64 bit (24 June, 2015, 46 MB)

32 Bit Versions:

The 32-bit version can only address 2GB of memory, so the 64-bit installation of OpticStudio is recommended however if you require the 32-bit version, you can download it here:Zemax 13 Release 2 Service Pack 6, 32 bit (24 June, 2015, 45 MB)