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Get your designs to market faster. LensMechanix® is a SOLIDWORKS Gold Certified add-in to simulate the impact of mechanical designs on optical peformance. No experience in physics or optics necessary.

Use it to:

  • Load all lenses, sources, and detectors from OpticStudio® as native SOLIDWORKS parts, eliminating the need for STEP, IGES, or STL files. Or use sample files provided in the trial.
  • Design your mechanical geometry with all the optical component data.
  • Catch and correct issues, such as stray light, image contamination, and beam clipping, earlier in the process.

Standardizing on Zemax software across the optical and mechanical workflow helps visualize optical performance in a virtual model, reduces development iterations, and requires fewer physical prototypes.

Runs on Windows 7 or later and SOLIDWORKS 2015 or later. Looking for lens design software? Try out OpticStudio for free.


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